Restoration Appeal

"Jeanneke" 92 key Decap Jazz Organ


The collection's 92 key Decap jazz organ 'Jeanneke' has been restored at a cost of £15,000.

This involved dismantling the pipe work and action of the instrument by museum volunteer's and transporting the parts to the Decap factory in Antwerp, Belgium.

Once with Decap the instrument was completely rebuilt and after some months of the instrument being away, museum volunteer's went back to Antwerp to collect and return the working parts.

Upon arrival showing in the picture below the instrument was reassembled and the fine tuning and finishing carried out by Decap employees.

This wonderful instrument built in 1951 is now playing again, sounding as good as new - we still need to raise £5,000 to complete the funding, 

Weber Unika Orchestrion


This unique instrument operates from a perforated paper roll and consists of a piano and organ duet, often referred to as a violin pipe piano.

This instrument is now partially restored and we need to fund the completion of the work which will cover the expensive re-leathering of the pneumatics.

This work will cost £5,000 

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3 Manual Ten Rank Wurlitzer


Our Wurlitzer theatre organ is now in the region of 90 years old and in need of some maintenance.

The general condition of this beautiful instrument is excellent but things do wear out - the stop rail motors urgently need re-leathering - this function on the organ allows the operator to program thumb pistons which in turn when pressed control the stops for the relevant section to go up or down, allowing quick registration changes.

Each of the 140 stop keys has 2 pneumatic's - one each for up and down and it is these that need re-leathering.

This work will cost in the region of £7,000

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Loading Up For The Journey


Arriving back at the museum - Several strong volunteers were needed.

Complex Organ Pipe & Piano Action


Unika restoration fund.  We are trying to raise money to allow the completion of this rare instrument.  All amounts are greatly received but if you can donate £25.00 at the Organ Theatre, you will get a half-pint drinking mug with a picture of the Unika as a 'thank you'.  These mugs are not on sale elsewhere .

Wurlitzer Stop Keys


Wurlitzer stop key and piston action in part.

In total 140 stop key motors need re-leathering.